Business Management – Learn how to start a business. Already have a business? Our organizations can help you on a number of topics related to business owners including accounting, legal issues, taxes, workforce issues, creating or updating a business plan, etc.

Capital (Business Financing) – In search of financing for your business project? Whether you’re expanding your company, or starting a new one our loans can help you with asset acquisition – land, capital expenditures, machinery, buildings, and equipment. We can also provide you with information on venture capitalists and angel investors.

Product Development – Have an idea for a product? Would you like to make your product better? Our network can help you with the design and implementation of that product idea. We can also help you streamline your manufacturing process and become ISO certified.

Market Development– Looking to market your product to other consumers? Would you like to sell your products to other countries? Our network of organizations can help you determine the best way and the best places to market your product.

Government Marketplace – The federal, state, and local governments are among the largest consumers of goods and services. Learn how your business can explore and compete in these government markets.

Site Location Services – Looking for a place to locate your business? Call one of our economic development organizations to learn about available fully serviced sites to locate your business.

Technology – Interested in upgrading the computer or network system in your business? Would you like to build a website or implement an ecommerce site? Do you have an idea for a highly specialized product but lack the technology to design and build that product? Give us a call to learn how we can assist you on a variety of technology related topics.

Workforce – If you are interested in learning more about the region’s workforce or would like assistance in finding qualified workers, give us a call.